Magnoplug - The Electrical Plug: Evolved

A new type of power connector.

MagnoPlug (Pat. Pending) is the intuitive evolution of the standard power plug – smoothly snaps in place to deliver power and disconnects without effort, turning off immediately.

No more struggling in the winter to plug in your block-heater, no more damage if you pull away without unplugging.
See MagnoPlug and Brett Wilson on The John Gormley Show!

How does it work?

3D Render of Magnoplug

The same magnet that attaches the male and female components of the plug together also triggers the MagnoPlug circuit into the power-on position. When the components connect, power flow is initiated by an internal switching mechanism. There are no external moving parts except the protective flap. The components have no friction fitting prongs or openings of any kind where dirt and ice can accumulate.

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